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SOCHI 2014 Olympic Sweaters

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SOCHI 2014 Olympic Sweaters

Official Olympic Sweaters for the Sochi 2014 Olympics by Dale of Norway.

ELBRUS is dedicated for International Olympic Committee

SOCHI is dedicated for Norwegian National Team



    ELBRUS SWEATERS - International Olympic Committee, IOC in SOCHI 2014

    The official Olympic sweaters for Sochi 2014 are named ELBRUS after the highest mountain of Europe, from the Sochi area of Russia. They are produced by the famous knitwear company Dale of Norway, known for premium garments of 100% wool with beautiful, authentic designs. For Elbrus Dale of Norway introduces a new, exclusive light and skinsoft yarn (2ply, 21 micron), making the sweaters suitable for all year use. They have a superior long lasting quality and are machine washable. The pattern and colors symbolize the icy mountaintops meeting the blue ocean in Sochi. The design is a fusion of Russian and Norwegian patterns, including the 8 petal rose combined with a medal shaped flower and the Sochi 2014 look. Inside the neck is the Russian flag colors.

  • SOCHI - Norwegian Team

    SOCHI SWEATERS - Norwegian National Olympic Team in SOCHI 2014

    SOCHI is the official Olympic sweater for the Norwegian Olympic team 2014. Since 1956 Dale of Norway has designed official knitted sweaters for every Winter Olympic games, known for premium quality of 100% wool. The Sochi sweater is inspired from the 50’s, with an old Norwegian retro pattern in a modern, fitted shape. The yarn is lighter than traditional sweaters (3 ply, 28 Micron Daletta), which makes the sweater comfortable to wear indoor or under any outdoor jacket. The Dale of Norway designers have chosen colors from the Norwegian flag, and the flag is even inside the neck knitted in skinsoft wool. All details are of highest quality, including the zipper garage in real salmon leather. The sweater is offered in a masculine and feminine version, with matching accessories