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Published : 2015-10-26 17:11:54
Categories : Norway Shop BLOG

1. LUCKY TROLLS - LYKKETROLL: trolls are believed to be the very first inhabitants of Norway, already living in the mountains in ancient times when all the land was covered in ice. They are creatures of different dimensions, but there are some common features they share: they all have only four fingers and a cow-looking tail, and their noses are so long and red that they are said to be used for stirring soups. Trolls can only be seen at dusk or night time, since the sun light will turn them into stone or even make them crack! There are contrasting descriptions of their characters, since they can be mean and friendly at the same time. If you walk through the Norwegian forests and you see a sparkle in the dark, it might just be a troll blinking at you! Small troll figures are said to be lucky and there are so many different kinds that you will definitely find the perfect one to protect your beloved ones!

Norway Shop Trolls

2. VIKINGS: Vikings were warriors, craftsmen and traders coming from the coastal areas of Scandinavia. They are well-known for their courage, their abilities and also their violence. Nowadays, the Viking mythology and traditional symbols are very charming.  Viking figures are popular and easy to find, as well as reproductions of the famous thin and long ships which were used to conquer new territories and to carry food and fresh water to the villages of ancient Norway.  The original symbols of the Viking and Norse mythology can be found on lucky-charms, pendants and other types of jewels.

Norway Shop Viking Figures

3. PEWTER DECORATIONS: since the Roman times the people of Norway showed a great talent for handicraft. Tools, wedding presents and many other objects were, and still are, realized in pewter - this dark and dull material can be mixed with tin and copper according to the needs of the craftsmen, the resulting product would then have different quality levels. Pewter decorations are extremely original and popular; you can easily find jewels, bowls and plates, buttons/clasps and cheese slicers made of this material which can carry some other expressions of Norway, such as horses, ancient houses or the Stave churches and Viking patterns.

Norway Shop Viking Ship of Pewter

4. CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS: Norwegians are very fond of Christmas - everything, from the building in town until the small cabin windows will be decorated in red and gold and everybody wants to share this cozy and familiar atmosphere. Among the most widespread ornaments there are Christmas balls, hanging decorations, bells, sparkling snowflakes, hearts and stars, reindeer figures, gnomes, angels and candles. Christmas markets are also a famous tradition in Norway - in the centre of towns and villages you will have the opportunity to find the most traditional food, ornaments and knitwear. Are you planning to be in Oslo during the Christmas season? Come and visit us at the markets in the heart of the city, we will have plenty of offers for you!

Christmas Market 2014

5. NORWEGIAN KNIVES: the Norwegian lifestyle is mostly synonym of outdoor activity - a profound love for nature and wildlife is a significant part of this country values. This might be one of the reasons why Norwegian knives have become more and more renowned. You may find a type of knives for any use you like, from mushroom picking to professional hunting. Many of them also illustrate the classic Norwegian motives and decorations on the grip. Norwegian knives are also worn on important occasion and are a fundamental element of the bunad worn by men.

6. NORWEGIAN SWEATERS AND GARMENTS: the Norwegian knitting tradition started to gain ground from the 19th century and is now more popular than ever. Initially, only natural colors where used for sweaters, cardigans and accessories until the first two colored models were knitted in the 1920s- two evergreen classics, Setesdal and Fana. Later on, in 1953, a pattern inspired from the Setesdal one charmed the entire world: the Marius pattern. The world of the Norwegian patterns is huge and surprising. As a matter of fact, the patterns were mostly inspired from the carved and painted door frames of rural houses and farms, known as Rosemaling (decorative painting). Once again, nature is the main initial inspiration. The paintings, as well as the knitting patterns tried to reproduce the design of flowers, grasses and even animals using bright and vibrant colors. Many of those details can also be found in the embroideries and details of the Bunad, the traditional Norwegian costume.  In 1879, one of the most renowned factories was born, Dale of Norway. Here, thanks to years of experience and research the classic sweaters saw a new light, reinterpreted in a more contemporary way, while talent and constant innovation allowed the creation of fantastic high-performance garments.

Arctic Circle Setesdal Sweater

Arctic Circle Setesdal Jacket

Kongsvollen headband, Dale of Norway

Kongsvollen hat, Dale of Norway

7. CHOCOLATE AND LAKRIS: if you are fond of sweets and candies, Norway is the right place for you! Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with cookies, jellies, peanuts, almonds, raisins … all this is available in candy and food stores. In addition to these wonders, salty liquorice (also known as salmiakki) needs a special place among sweets - this flavor, well spread in the European northern countries, can be a surprise for others since the sweet taste of liquorice gets salty, creating an amazing mix!

8. SALMON AND RAKFISK: the seas surrounding Norway are full of fish, and fishing is actually a dear hobby for people. In these terms, the symbol of the country is salmon! Probably among the healthiest fish in the world, salmon is available in three main versions: regular, smoked and gravlaks - the latter is prepared with salt, sugar and dill and it is usually served as appetizer. There is also another dish that catches the attention of our visitors, the so-called rakfisk (soaked fish), generally trout salted and fermented for several months. Interestingly, the origin of this dish is still uncertain although records date it back to the late 14th century. You will probably find different variations depending on the region and it is a common tradition to eat it in the winter times and share it with family and friends.

9. COD LIVER OIL AND ROE - TRAN OG KAVIAR:  cod liver oil is the seasonal help for the immune system and health of many! As a matter of fact, it is a natural supplement rich in Omega 3 and vitamins (A, D) - there are several variations of this product according to the different categories of users, but generally speaking the cod liver oil has beneficial effects on our brain, skin and joints. It also helps the digestive process and it reinvigorates our natural defenses.  Kaviar (roe), on the other hand, is not popular for healthy effects, but it is definitely one of the most appreciated Norwegian products. It is made of sugar-salted smoked cod roe and it is used as sandwich spread. Tasty on sandwiches and appetizers, it will give a delicious flavor also to your sauces and salads!

10. BROWN CHEESE AND CHEESE SLICER - BRUNOST OG OSTEHØVEL: is there something more traditionally Norwegian than the brown cheese? Maybe not! Brunost is a cheese made with cow or goat milk and has a unique flavor. The production process implies that milk, cream and whey are boiled for several hours in order to get a caramelized cheese - this process gives the cheese the brown color and its amazing salty-sweet taste. It is usually sold in practical sized blocks and there is only one appropriate way to have a slice of it: using the Norwegian cheese slicer! Invented in the 1920s by a Norwegian carpenter, Thor Bjørklund, this tool was designed to get the best slices out of our favorite cheeses, making the everyday life of Scandinavian people a little bit easier and way more delicious!



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